This is a journey of accelerated transformation & self-commitment. 

"The cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure you seek"

Once you make your commitment, your journey starts!

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What past students have said about my containers:

It’s changed me in so many ways working with Kristen… the fact that we started at one place and changed two times, I had illness and I come out of the program with a 20k launch plus two additional launches waitlisted for my next program is unbelievable. If that’s not enough to get people excited about working with Kristen, then I don’t know what is.

Jackie Hernandez

Kristen brings so much more value than anyone can initially assume they are going to get out of a program because she constantly comes up with new ways to support her clients. If you are thinking of working with Kristen you are in for a treat because she really does give so much more value than you would imagine and she brings a different type of energy than any other coach . For our mastermind group she hand picked an amazing group of women that I can now proudly call my sisters . It was amazing working with Kristen for 5 months. If you have the nudge to work with her, I highly recommend! 

Gosia Brynczak

"Before joining the Accelerator I was in an unhappy relationship and hated my job. I came out of the program fully letting go of that relationship that no longer served me and manifested three different dream job offers."

Cat Pham

“Kristen helped me tremendously with branding myself intentionally and created a safe space for personal and business growth. The last 5 months has been up and down personally for me, but despite all of that, I was able to really transform. Even today, I gotten multiple messages saying that I’m showing up more powerfully than ever. Being in your group setting and having your support and accountability was really what helped me the most. I wasn’t expecting the amount of accountability you gave us in a group setting. I thought being in a group wouldn’t really give me the same support but it did.” 

Kelsey Anne

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