Do Not Purchase Moldavite Without Reading This First...

From: Kristen Noelle

Bestselling Author, Transformational Mindset, Business and Feng Shui Consultant 
>>> Are you thinking about purchasing Moldavite (aka the Stone of Transformation) but afraid of what this stone might do to your life after? 

>>> You've done your numerous Google searches and watched your share of Youtube videos (perhaps you are here because of my videos!) and you feel called to buy and work with Moldavite.

>>> Perhaps you've already came into contact with this powerful stone and already feeling crazy side effects such as headaches, anxiety, depression, and unexplainable things happen in your life that you can't control? Or maybe you experienced nothing at all? 

You have landed on this exact page for a reason. There are no coincidences in life. Only divine timing.

I purchased my very first moldavite on September 12, 2019. I still remember the experience as clear as day. My friend Jessica had been telling me about this miraculous stone for a couple weeks and the out of body experiences she has had with it since it came into her life. That day, we happened to be together at Venice Beach for an inner circle gathering. Tired of playing volleyball, I asked her if she wanted to go to a crystal shop instead.

When we got to the crystal shop, the first thing I asked the sales guy was if they sold Moldavite. He led us to a mysterious case and pulled out some tiny pieces (Around 4-5 grams) When he placed a piece on my palm, I remember feeling nothing at all. I was thinking to myself, "Wtf?! What is this heat sensation people are talking about on Youtube." "I don't feel anything!" Nonetheless, I felt called to purchase the 4 gram Moldavite.

The next couple weeks became a living nightmare. That first night I couldn't sleep, I had a massive headache and such vivid dreams, I woke up in a panic at 3am in the morning. Then I started having crazy arguments with my boyfriend that same week. It was so bad that he went to stay with his cousin. My anxiety went through the roof and I could not focus on anything nonetheless my business and clients. 

I thought to myself, the only thing that changed was buying Moldavite. I was so upset about how I was feeling and how it was destroying my life that I drove through Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles and threw it out my window. 

My life returned back to normal the very next day.
In fact, I'm not the only one. I've noticed a lot of you experiencing  the same thing...
Exactly one month later, I was given three signs from the Universe to purchase Moldavite again. A mentor once told me that Universal signs comes in 3's.
If something shows up in your life three times, it's meant for you. 

Here's what went down:

Sign #1: I was at a group reiki class when moldavite popped in my mind while the instructor was performing reiki on me. After class, I went up to the instructor and asked if he had ever heard of the stone Moldavite. Surprised, he pulled out the moldavite he was wearing when he was performing reiki on us. 

Sign #2: Right after class, I went to the neighborhood farmer's market and a crystal stand was there. As I approached the stand, the woman pulled out a moldavite ring that she thought "would be perfect for me." Those were her exact words to me. 

Sign #3: On my drive home after the farmer's market, I wanted to listen to a specific song. I opened my Youtube app and a moldavite video was there waiting for me on my newsfeed. Keep in mind that I have stopped searching for Moldavite for over a month.

Three signs. That's when I knew that I was meant to work with Moldavite again. 

"I trust people who choose it. I think they are chosen and have surrendered to serving the planet." - Robert Simmons

Since  working with Moldavite for over a year now, I have manifested more things in 2020 (when the world was going through crisis) than I did in all my years combined.

Here are just a few things that transpired...

I became a best selling Author when I launched my first book.

I got engaged to the love of my life.

I purchased a house 22 days after we got engaged. 

I hit my first $30,000 month in business. 

And most importantly...I'm now incredibly clear on my path, why I wake up each morning and my service to the world. 

I'm telling you all of this to impress upon you that if you feel called to work with moldavite, you are here to do great work in this lifetime.

However, choosing to work with moldavite comes along with it, the discomfort that MOST people cannot handle..
In fact transformation can be quite uncomfortable.

The problems you may be experiencing:

Feeling stuck, lost, and mis-guided
unclear on one's current life purpose
Inability to follow through with one's goals
Unable to get out of repeated patterns
Self-sabotaging behaviors 

The results you want:

Deeper clarity
Manifesting your deepest desires
Accelerated transformation
Follow through on your goals
Wealth & Abundance

After working with moldavite everyday for a year, I have found the secret to working with moldavite to achieve your deepest desires as well as have it help you quantum leap in your life. 

But only if your deepest desires are of pure light and intent. 

And after numerous requests to create something to help people navigate, correctly work and manifest with moldavite, I have finally decided to co-create with Spirit in an exclusive container for specific souls who KNOW that this experience is meant for them...


A 7 week LIVE experience that will help you gain complete mastery of moldavite and unlock the unlimited potential this spritual tool brings when used correctly. So that, it and manifest your greatest desires & fulfill your life path.

And I'm very excited to announce... 

Included in this program is an activated Moldavite

Are you ready to unlock your fullest potential with THE stone of transformation?

The Investment: $333

Here's what you can expect:


One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when they purchase their first moldavite is not knowing how to develop a relationship with their stone. Symptoms arises or none at all, and they are unable to recognize how to work with the energy of moldavite. This week is all about activation, making yourself known to the stone, and proper shedding of what no longer serves your highest good to ultimately make room for what's to come. You cannot manifest with a full cup. I'll show you how to properly ground and shed.


This is manifestation at it's finest and how to quickly manifest with the energy of moldavite. Because of it's extraterrestrial and out of this world properties, you can expect to manifest "out of this world" desires when done correctly. When you are aligned with your creative power, moldavite will help you co-create miraculous manifestations. Discover how to dance eloquently with your desires instead of pushing and shoving your way through by will and force.  


The intention of moldavite is to transform you repeatedly until you reach your highest purpose. Most clients that I have worked with, know what they are capable of, they have an inkling of their personal power but very few I know have fully embodied their highest self. This week we'll learn the power of mastering one's energy, becoming sovereign and combining all of that energy with your moldavite. 


As a heart centered stone with the ability to powerfully realign all of you chakras, I've personally experienced what it was like to resist all of the opportunities, challenges and lessons the Universe threw at me while working with moldavite. It's called self-sabotaging at it's finest. To be honest, most people resist because it's unnatural to have a stone realign everything for you. Because the process is so uncomfortable, this week is all about stepping into expansion and learning how to truly surrender and trust. If you are struggling on trust, this week will heal you.


Effectively communicate your needs, desires, creative ideas, boundaries and love to the world in a way that opportunities are magnetized to you.
Step into your creative power and allow yourself to lean into your deepest desires. Embody and speak your truth.


Are your thoughts controlling you, or are you in control of your thoughts? As I always teach my students, NEVER make decisions with your head. The voices aren't always true are they? If they were, we would all be where we want to be in life. Rather, make decisions from your inner authority, heart center and intuition. Learn to really work with your intuition and make decisions from a place of self-trust and true power.


We are quickly moving through timelines and it's time for lightworkers to step up into the 5th dimension. Learn how to step into true power versus force. Release the hustle, the anxiety, the push you have been taught and rather co-create with the divine. 

What's Included:

7 weekly classes
An activated moldavite
Lifetime replays and course content
Weekly integration practices, activations and experiments
Guided meditations and activations
Moldavite grids and expansion
A private safe community that will transform with you
& more..

Ultimately, only you will know if this journey is meant for you.

The Investment: $333

"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek." - Joseph Campbell

And just like the snake sheds its skin all at once, let's welcome 2021 by leaving our 2020 selves behind. 

Questions That Might Arise:

What if I already have a moldavite? Can I still be a part of this journey?

Absolutely yes. If you'd like a deeper connection with your moldavite and to surrender to Spirit and my guidance, to help you with your accelerated transformation, this experience is meant for you.

How many grams are your activated moldavites?

They range from 2 to 5 grams. With an activated moldavite, size does not matter. 

Are there refunds?

No. You are either in or out. Please do not join this journey if you are not willing to commit to your transformation. Use your intuition, it already knows the answer. 

What if livestreams don't match up with my schedule?

All sessions are recorded and available for replay. You'll have lifetime access to this program.

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